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Artist Statement

Originally from Bellingham, Washington, I have lived in North Idaho, coastal and Interior Alaska, and am currently residing in California's lovely Salinas Valley.

The images I've included in my on-line gallery are places and objects that have "jumped on my eyes".
The pieces are primarily watercolors. There are a few pastels and some ink/wash drawings. Several of the buildings and boats were commissions, but most of the work is a reflection of something that touched my heart in some way. The way light hit the garden, the personality of a building, the detail of beach glass.
Check out the travel journal pages -- illustrated notes transcribed during fleeting moments on the road during trips to London, The Cotswolds, Italy, Salzburg, and Prague. You may find something that evokes a happy memory from your own travels.

I'll post new work as it emerges. I hope visitors to my site will be engaged, entertained, and maybe even inspired.